A Truly Memorable Venue, Truly memorable girls, and Truly memorable parties.

I have had the great pleasure of visiting Dare to Swing on a few occasions now and each time I have visited I have had a fantastic time.

For starters, the club is really easy to find – being a 10-minute walk from Bristol Temple Meads station or, if driving, it is only just off the A420, one of Bristol’s main thoroughfares.

The first time I ever visited, the friendly staff quickly put me at ease – one of them even took the time to give me a quick tour of the club!

The venue itself is a wonderfully quirky old building. As for the interior, there is a relaxed open space downstairs and plenty of playrooms upstairs (including what looks like a rather fabulous ‘confessional’, which I really must explore sometime!)

The atmosphere is friendly and relaxed and the girls who I have been fortunate enough to party with our beautiful, bubbly and sensationally sexy. There is none of the awkwardness (that I have experienced at one of the Midland party venues I once visited) and everyone is made to feel welcome.

The format of the Milf Club parties is, to begin with, a Bukkake, followed by a quick interval, then a protected Gangbang and Orgy.

The club is clearly popular because on the occasions I have visited a number of swinging couples have also attended the parties.

Some have joined in the activities; others have chosen just to watch, but there is never any pressure put on anyone to participate if they do not wish to.

I honestly cannot recommend D2 Swing highly enough. A Truly Memorable Venue, Truly memorable girls, and Truly memorable parties.

We at D2 couldn’t have put it better ourselves, thanks, Tony, so take a look at the Events Calendar and see which one of the Events takes your fancy you can Book Online or if you prefer you can use the Sex Party Invite and register for an invite.