Fun and Exploration

We visited Dare to Swing on the spur of the moment as in the area for meetings: The club is definitely accessible (on foot from Temple Meads station is literally 5mins) and the route is discrete and quiet. Parking is discrete though we were on foot.

We attended one of the Tuesday sessions from 5 to 7.

Once inside we were treated to the show-round by Cherry who was more than friendly and helpful. The club is well appointed, cosy, intimate yet with enough cosy corners to find something that suited us. Although our time was limited we enjoyed as much of the club as we could… including the huge bed in the main room, where we started our adventure with the other guests.

Sadly for us, the afternoon was quiet by all accounts but this was fine by us for our first toe-dipping: the other guests were friendly but non-pushy and accepting of our limits.

As our first venture to a club, we can’t compare to anywhere else but we were impressed by the venue, facilities, relaxed attitudes and variety of rooms/themes on offer: the team are clearly still working on the venue and it can only improve even further.

If you’re in the area it’s definitely worth the reasonable entry fee for an afternoon’s fun and exploration…. we’ll definitely be back.