Organiser Testimonial by Splatbukkake

Splatbukkake is a leading adult membership website, sporting hundreds of the UK’s best-known models and amateurs featuring in Bukkake and Hot Gangbang Sessions with regular, amateur guys.

After paying a very enjoyable social visit to party night at the club, we decided we’d very much like to book the venue to hold one of our own Bukkake and Gangbang Shoot Parties.

A quick chat with the clubs owner, Cherry, to go over the specifics of what we needed we soon came to an accord and were all set ready for party night.

The pre-event communication with the venue was very good and every aspect of what we needed was dealt with quickly and without any fuss, and we genuinely felt the club wanted to be a long-term partner for us. After having some mixed experiences in the past with various venues, this was encouraging and a welcome relief.

The night of our first event went very smoothly with Cherry, Nigel and the other staff all on hand to help our guests, which again, made our life easier and allowed us to get on with running our event. This made for an exceptionally enjoyable, stress-free evening, and if our first experience of Dare to Swing was anything to go by, we’ll be doing EVERY month from now on.

Great stuff guys, keep up the good work.
Robin Splatbukkake